Mary MacDonald

Naturopathic Doctor

Naturopathic Doctors (also known as NDs or Naturopaths) provide health care to people of all ages, focusing on the use of natural therapies to support and stimulate healing processes. 

All licensed NDs complete a minimum of three years university-level training, including pre-medical courses, then four years at an accredited naturopathic medical college.  In naturopathic programs, NDs study the same basic medical and clinical sciences as other health care professionals, like Medical Doctors.

Blood Testing - I am happy to provide the usual blood tests that you can access through your Medical Doctor! The difference is I tend to go further in testing to determine the root cause of your symptoms. While I do provide individual tests, I am also happy to provide the following panels to get to the bottom of your concerns:

  • Healthy Living Assessment Panel
  • Enhanced Living Assessment Panel
  • Vitamin Panel
  • Mineral Panel
  • Hematology Panel
  • Lipids Panel
  • Thyroid Panel
  • Female Fertility Panel
  • Men's Health Panel
  • Fatigue Panel
  • Metabolic Panel
  • Autoimmune Panel
  • Methylation Panel
  • Liver & Digestion Panel


Hormone Testing - Salivary hormone testing correlates better to actual hormone activity in the body and is therefore more reflective of our true physiologic hormone state. I am happy to provide the following tests to assess your hormone status:

  • Urine Thyroid Assessment
  • Month Long Hormone Assessment
  • Female Panel
  • Male Panel
  • Adrenal Function Panel


Food Sensitivity Testing - many digestive and non digestive complaints can be traced to your individual reactions to foods. These complaints can include: headache, joint pains, fatigue, inability to lose weight, IBS symptoms, and more. We can measure your individualized reactions to foods to help you feel better!

Prescriptions - because I have successfully completed further qualification in the use of controlled therapies in treatment, I am able to prescribe the following if necessary:

  • Vitamins in higher dose than supplementation form:
    • Folic Acid, 
    • Vitamin A, 
    • Vitamin D, 
    • Vitamin K1, 
    • Vitamin K2


  • Hormones requiring a prescription for treatment
    • Bioidentical Estrogen - topical or suppository, Bioidentical Progesterone - topical or suppository


Folic Acid & Vitamin B12 Injection - after proper determination of deficiency through blood testing, I am able to increase your vitamin B12 and folic acid to proper levels through intramuscular injection if necessary! Symptoms of vitamin B12 and folic acid deficency include fatigue, shortness of breath, decreased exercise capacity, peripheral neuropathy, and more. Individuals following a vegetarian or vegan diet are particularly susceptible to developing these deficiencies.

Scope of Practice

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