My patients know that I am a geek for anatomy & physiology and I love animals, especially my pup Penny and my cats Cooper & Leonard. If you're wondering, strangely enough, I have never watched an episode of Big Bang Theory!

Originally from Nova Scotia, I grew up close to the ocean and sand with a love of medicine from a very young age. It has been my goal since then to be a doctor focusing on family health. I have not looked back since! After attending Dalhousie Univeristy in Halifax, Nova Scotia and obtaining a Bachelor of Science as well as a Bachelor of Commerce, I was on my way to med school!

Then I discovered Naturopathic Medicine after researching and studying alternative health care models. I was not comfortable with our short visit, disease centric health care model and I did not want to be that type of doctor. Naturopathic Medicine is perfect for me - I get to spend time with my patients so that I can treat them, not their pathologies. 

I have also discovered the beautiful and vibrant city of Toronto! Although I miss the East Coast and most definitely the ocean, I love my adopted community and feel at home here. 

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